The English method will be promoted in the UK

As a promotional activity for Camino de Santiago, Xunta de Galicia and Diputación de La Coruña reissue a collaboration to promote the English way in the United Kingdom.

The initiative will involve an investment of more than 10,000 euros, Galicia Tourism assumes half of the budget and Coruña’s County Council, the remaining 50%.

Sources from the Coruña County Council indicated that “ a promotional measure will increase the degree of knowledge of the itinerary in the United Kingdom by placing signs consisting of posters and information panels in the third stage of the English method. It occurs in the British lands.

Work has already begun in 2019, with the initial collaboration between Xacobeo and Diputación to promote the first two stages of the route, which start in Finchale, in the department of Durham, which is located about 2,450 kilometers from Plaza del Obradoiro, in Santiago de Compostela.

This new initiative will allow signs to be placed on the third stage of the route, which runs towards the south of England, via Bishop Auckland, towards the port of Southampton, from where the pilgrims set off for Galicia.

It should be noted that the English method was a pilgrimage route in the Middle Ages for English worshipers and other northern European places who arrived by boat to the Spanish coasts, to begin their journey in Ferrol or La Coruña.

He also notes that Camino’s popularity in the UK has recovered in recent years, for example, in 2019 around 10,000 Britons made the Camino de Santiago.

The English route is the fifth-busiest route, as it was chosen in 2019 by more than 15,000 pilgrims, a number that in 2020 collapsed to about 3,000, due to the pandemic.

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The regional administration has invested nearly one million euros in this route, through the Camino de Santiago 2015-2021 Master Plan. We must add to the aforementioned investment the maintenance, cleaning and maintenance work, in addition to the commitment to improve the infrastructure for the reception, such as the hostel for the future pilgrims in A Coruña and Ferrol.

On the part of the County Council of A Coruña, an important economic effort is also being made to improve and enhance the Camino, provide it with better infrastructure, QR codes to obtain information about pilgrims and strengthen cooperation links with the UK.

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