Al-Mayadeen correspondent in Jerusalem denounces the Israeli threats

Beirut, November 6, correspondent for the Arab National Channel The fields Hana Mahameed, in occupied Jerusalem, today denounced the Israeli threats and pressures in the context of the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

According to her account, she was subjected to an organized campaign after an attempt to deliver a mail envelope to her, where a group of journalists and settlers ambushed her and accused her of conducting a field investigation.

The reporter told the news network, who filmed what happened on her mobile phone: “They chased me to my car, prevented me from getting in it, and threatened me.”

At the same time, he specified that the attack is part of a systematic Israeli policy of intimidation against all Palestinians.

“he institution He stressed that Zionism is trying to prevent any narrative that opposes its narrative.

In this regard, he pointed out that since the first day of the bombing of Gaza, it had been subjected to a campaign of incitement at all levels.

In this sense, he pointed out that the Israeli media behaves like the army and fully adopts its statements without reporting what happened on the ground.

In this regard, he considered that the Tel Aviv press had reached a great degree of decadence to the point that it had become an example of the absence of the values ​​of the Zionist entity.

He said: “We work within the legal limits of our profession and only expose the crimes of the occupation.”

On the occasion, he denounced the restrictions imposed on practicing the profession due to Israeli persecution and the limited areas allowed to work by the regime’s authorities.

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Mahameed described the pretexts and lies promoted by the Israeli government regarding its professional responsibilities as false.

Previously office manager The fields In the West Bank, Nasser Al-Laham confirmed that the occupation forces stormed his home in Bethlehem and assaulted his wife and children.

Jamal Hawail, a member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council in Jenin, also gave up his television appearance The fields After receiving a call from Israeli intelligence.

In the face of these events, the Arab Network reiterated its solidarity with its correspondents and colleagues, and its adherence to their rights and protection. (Taken from Prensa Latina).

Cover photo: Today, Al-Mayadeen Al-Arabiya Channel correspondent in occupied Jerusalem, Hana Mahameed, denounced the Israeli threats and pressures in the context of the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

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