Trump, respectively, wins New Hampshire; UK warns of further attacks on Yemen; And more | Front pages of the world 01/24/2024

This is what appeared on the covers of the international media, Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Trump continues his march and wins in New Hampshire

Haley promises to keep pushing, but history is on the former president's side.

Trump marches to victory in New Hampshire

Participation is strong. Haley promised to stay. An exposed division in the Republican Party regarding the former president.

Puidgemont and the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), are protected from terrorism charges

The government and independents agree to amend the law.

The Guardian UK

The Prime Minister warns of more attacks in Yemen as the crisis worsens

Rishi Sunak warned of more bombing in Yemen if Houthi attacks on ships continue.

The CGT is mobilizing everything so that the strike against Miley does not fail

For the government, it doesn't make any sense. Working in Congress with political forces.

Members of Congress and experts question one aspect of the anti-evasion rule and expect a difficult process

The CEO presents the tax compliance project.

The Minister of Interior is in the crosshairs of Congress due to the departure of the head of the National Progressive Party

Criticism: A sector of Parliament demands the dismissal of Victor Torres.

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