WWE Raw enters the ring with Netflix

The live streaming platform paid more than $5 billion to broadcast the sporting event live over the next ten years.

Netflix She announced on Tuesday that she had investigated Emission rights rawthe famous program World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). I paid the streaming platform More than $5 billion To broadcast the sporting event live, along with other offerings of this method such as smack down, Wrestlemania And Royal Rumblefor the next ten years.

WWE Raw enters the ring with Netflix! Starting in January 2025, Netflix will stream WWE Raw exclusively in the US, Canada, UK and Latin America. Every week, all year round.

As announced by Netflix launchWWE broadcast will begin January 2025 in the US, Canada, UK and Latin America, among other regions yet to be announced. Transmission will be on Direct and weekly. It is also the first time raw wrestling It has abandoned its broadcast on traditional television to move to the streaming platform. This was highlighted by the content manager, Bella Bajaria:

We're thrilled to have WWE Raw, with its massive, multi-generational fan base, on Netflix. By combining our reach, recommendations and fanbase with WWE's, we will be able to deliver more entertainment and value to its fans and members. “Raw” is sports entertainment at its best, combining great characters and storytelling with live action 52 weeks a year, and we are thrilled to be part of this long-term partnership with WWE.

WWE celebrates its alliance with Netflix

WWE officials also celebrated their partnership with Netflix. mark Shapiro, The president of TKO Group Holdings, to which WWE belongs, defined the agreement as “adapter«:

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This agreement is transformative. It unites WWE's must-see product with Netflix's extraordinary global reach and ensures great, predictable economics for many years to come. Our partnership fundamentally changes and enhances the media landscape, dramatically expanding WWE's reach and bringing a weekly live-action show to Netflix.

Words similar to those spoken by the WWE Chairman, Nick Khanwho also confirmed that linking this sporting method to the live broadcast platform was the ideal solution The right decision:

In its relatively short history, Netflix has crafted a remarkable story-telling arc. We believe that Netflix, as one of the world's leading entertainment brands, is the ideal long-term home for Raw's live, loyal and growing fan base.

And so WWE joins in Live sports betting is important Which is implemented by Netflix, which has previously broadcast tennis matches such as the one between Spaniards Rafa Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz or broadcast a golf match in which important Formula 1 competitors and prominent golfers participated.

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