The call is open for applications for the Master of Social Sciences at Colegio Mexiqueense

Toluca, Mexico – A call for applications has been launched for the 29th promotion of the degree of Master of Social Sciences with a specialization in Municipal Development, registered in the National Graduate System of Conahsett, with academic staff of distinguished standing and registration of exemption from payment and tuition fees for accepted applicants, so it is a program Free in the strict sense of the word.

The Master's degree is coordinated by Dr. Judith Pérez Sora, professor and researcher at El Colegio Mexiqueense in charge of the seminar on Institutions, Civil Society and Public Policy, who highlighted that among the strengths of the programme, in addition to the teaching staff, are the number of teaching staff, lines of research and study plan.

Those who constitute the teaching staff belong to the National System of Researchers and the lines of research are socio-spatial studies, economics and urban policy. institutions, public policies, inequality, culture, and social structure.

The most important date is the deadline for submitting documents, which will be May 13, and there is a possibility that Conahcyt will appoint national scholarships, depending on the availability of the federal agency.

The program includes four semesters, the first of which begins on August 5, and the graduation profile responds to human resources training in research, plus full-time dedication is essential.

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