Tropical Depression Fred continued to lose organization and maintained its intensity

The Meteorological Institute reported in its latest warning that during the early morning Tropical Depression Farid continued to lose its organization and maintained its intensity, with sustained winds not exceeding 55 kph, with higher gusts and a minimum pressure of 1010 hectopascals. It moves near the northwest at a rate of 26 kilometers per hour.

At 6 a.m., the central region of Frid was estimated to be 20.3°N latitude and 73.7°W longitude, a location that places it in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean 50 km east-northeast of Ponta de Macy, the eastern tip of Cuba and about 215 km southeast of Punta Lucrecia. Holguin County.

Within the next 12 to 24 hours, Fred will continue on a similar path, lowering his translation speed a bit more, moving today across the seas near the north coast of the eastern counties and tomorrow near the north coast of the central counties. Cuba. A slight change in intensity is expected today, with the potential to gain strength again tomorrow Friday.

The expected displacement of Farid will produce a gradual increase in clouds and rain in the eastern region of Cuba starting in the morning, with showers and intermittent rain and some thunderstorms, which can become strong and intense in some locations in the afternoon and night. Fairly strong winds can also occur in gusts of 40-60 kilometers per hour during thunderstorms. There will be bulges on the northeastern coast, with slight accumulations of water in the lower reaches of this coast.

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