UK: The government wants to put GPS trackers on migrants

A Tory government could implement dystopian surveillance measures worthy of the extreme totalitarianism of science fiction. This is no longer dystopian science fiction, but a real possibility promoted by the conservative party.

To justify her position, Braverman, the Secretary of the Interior, cited the Illegal Immigration Act. Under this law, any immigrant who enters the UK unofficially will be expelled from the UK. He will also be banned from entering again in the future and will not be able to apply for British citizenship.

Daughter of immigrants against immigrants

Suella Braverman is the daughter of African immigrants of Indian descent and studied law at Queens College. She argued the harsh reality of the large number of people who, even though they do not appear to be suffering from this condition (of people) to the Minister, are seeking asylum in the UK. All hotels where tens of thousands of applicants are temporarily staying consider their accommodation capacity to be “full”. In other words, immigrants are suffering from overcrowding, and as a solution they now want to control them through organ transplantation.

Figures released by the Home Office last week showed that the number of people in the UK awaiting a decision on their asylum claims has reached an all-time high. more than 175,000 people They expected to make a decision on whether to grant them refugee status by the end of June 2023, an increase of 44% from the previous year.

The government also wants to send migrants to Rwanda. But that plan is currently on hold after a ruling from the UK Court of Appeal. This court ruled, in June, that Rwanda could not be considered a “safe” third country. In his decision, he argued that there was a risk that migrants would be forced to return to the country they fled. Being dissatisfied with this situation, the government is appealing this decision before the Supreme Court.

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The Court of Appeal based its decision on the rules issued by the European Court of Human Rights. Regarding this, Braverman said he believed the Strasbourg-based court was “politicized” and had an “interventionist” stance.

Rishi Sunak
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

The current government of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the billionaire son of African immigrants of Indian origin, does not seem to rule out any possibility, no matter how barbaric or miserable. Human rights organizations’ rejection of these xenophobic measures is complete. “It’s treating people as objects and not as human beings seeking safety,” said Anwar Solomon, director of the Refugee Council.

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