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It was a horrible Saturday to scare even the flies. Absolute drought and ruin. Three draws to zero and one for only one because VAR technology interfered: it became like a sharp wedge to dictate two penalties and thus, in a forced way, breaking the one-day total lockdown to forget this Liga Mx where there was neither a requirement nor pressure on the club owners… The TV day in and day out is full of very poor quality football.

Atlas Toluca, San Luis Cruz Azul and Monterrey-Chivas were unable to move the board despite the video referee rushing in with painful penalty kicks… The double day seems to have left the players without life. Given this, it is not surprising that there are those who describe the match between Lyon and Santos as a great match. Sure, both schools gave more, but in the Land of the Blind, one-eyed is the king.

The ups and downs is the core of athletic competition, and without this factor most teams – consciously or unconsciously – fell into laziness, and investment in reinforcements was virtually non-existent. Yet everyone keeps getting paid: the players’ paychecks, advertising clubs, sponsorships, and the usual TV broadcasting rights in a first-class arena, though in what face would they demand payment for such a depressing spectacle?

The judges got in tune, and they became dependent on the video judging. The whistle is no longer their main accessory, but the speaker with which they cling, order silence and wave away complaining about football players. The comedy is his desperation gesture for complete silence and the ability to focus on listening to the designs of the real gods of the stadium… It really took me a long time to hire an electronic company that wanted to advertise their loudspeakers.

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In the middle of the third wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, the fans are doing crazy things, many fans take risks and go to the stadium, literally, risking their lives, yearning for emotions, but in return receiving very little and, accordingly, exploding. Miguel louse Herrera does not convince on the seat of the UANL; However, two victories are working to calm the waves. On the other hand, the “Get out Vuce!” I landed at Piazza Ribano in the middle of the week.

bar the rebel De Pumas went further and covered the entrance to Mexico’s 68th Olympic Stadium with legends of protest, showing himself with shouts and demands. The hanging blankets were full of insults on the board for their impotence. Thus, it was set against a wall, and days after coach Andres Lelini admitted he was in danger of being stopped, the Auriazules regained victory. The catharsis was so great that Juan Dino cried after his penalty goal.

To make matters worse, the women’s league is beginning to bend to the side of the usual. The hero Tigres grabs the top and deepens the distance with his followers. Chivas is runner-up with Monterrey, but they visit Xolas, who, led by Fabiola Vargas, is undefeated and is pleasantly surprised. Atlas is unlike the previous campaign. ‘Galitas’ Carla Rossi grabs her first win, while Bravas, Centillas and Mazatlan are bottoms and a real check for the holder.

Gerardo’s list of players is expected this week stammer Martino faces the final stage of the match towards the World Cup in Qatar. Number one is striker Raul Jimenez, who, despite not starting with his right foot in the Premier League and his long absences, has not left the Argentine coach’s radar, who is desperate for goals and better. management.

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El Salvador drew 0-0 against Costa Rica yesterday in a training match and is preparing to host the United States on September 2. The Ticos team is visiting Panama, while Mexico, on the same day, hosts Jamaica at the Azteca Stadium. Three tickets and a playoff will be played in the CONCACAF zone where, although the format has changed from hexagon to octagon and it may not be possible to advance on the ‘walk’ anymore, tripartite It is in the favorites list.

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