Caribbean islands are included in the red list, while Spain is expected to remain amber

According to the new analysis, three Caribbean islands could be included in the red list when the British government reviews the list of traffic lights.

In its assessment, the computer agency predicted that Morocco, the popular North African country, could also fall into the high-risk “red” category along with Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Dominica.

At the same time, the study named only five potential members of the Green List: Poland, Bhutan, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia. telegraph.

Judging by the rate of COVID-19 infection, the percentage of positive test results and the level of vaccination, the agency expects that eight destinations may be downgraded from green to amber: Israel, Croatia, Madeira, Lithuania and Montserrat, and Anguilla Islands. Antigua and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

“The major changes could be some Caribbean islands turning red, Saudi Arabia turning green, and Israel turning amber,” said Paul Charles, travel consultant and CEO of a PC agency.

“Most of Europe will not change because if the government chooses to turn some of the most popular countries (like the Balearic Islands or Spain) red and force a lot of people into hotel quarantine.”

The agency said that although the infection rate of the Covid virus in Spain and its islands is high enough to justify its inclusion in the red list, this is highly unlikely because the United Kingdom does not have sufficient capacity to accommodate the large number of vacationers returning from quarantine. Hotels.

Currently, travel from a Red List country to the UK requires an expensive 11-night stay in a government-specified quarantine hotel, regardless of whether or not passengers have been vaccinated.

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However, different experts have different predictions about the movement of destinations among the color order lists.

independentIts travel journalist, Simon Calder, believes it is “highly unlikely” that Jamaica will be moved to the red list in the upcoming review.

“I think it is highly unlikely that Jamaica will turn red in the upcoming change, which would require everyone arriving in the UK from the island to be quarantined at the hotel for 11 nights,” he said.

Although the infection rate on the island has increased sixfold in the past month, it is still well below half that of the UK. The variable in question doesn’t seem to be a big deal.”

The next update to the UK travel list is expected on August 25 or 26 later this week.

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