Satellite images show chaos near Kabul airport in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in a difficult situation. Hundreds of people crowded The vicinity of Kabul Airport where cases Chaos and panic Among those trying to leave the country and avoid falling under Taliban control.

Western countries are trying to evacuate the capital For the citizens and Afghans who cooperated with the troops. Two more A400Ms will arrive in Spain tonight with 260 passengers on board. The plane is already in Dubai.

In the video you can see the situation through a file But not everyone gets their dreams fulfilled over the capital of Afghanistan.

Kabul Airport Pictures

In the following pictures you can see any file The current situation near the airport from the capital of Afghanistan. In the picture below you can see how it looks in the top left A large number of vehicles Close to airport facilities.

Satellite view at Kabul airport | Reuters

In the following picture you can better appreciate hundreds of cars and vehicles near Kabul Airport, where Families hope to return home to another place.

Cars near Kabul airport
Vehicles near Kabul Airport | Reuters

from where it is Embassies of Spain, USA, Germany and France to Kabul Airport There are 2.4 kilometers. The distance that is becoming increasingly dangerous to travel across Taliban militia.

Distance from embassies to Kabul Airport
Distance from Kabul Airport embassies | Antena 3 news

The pictures and situations we live near the airport are full of chaos. there they have produced Avalanches of people trying to escape from the state. cause one of themDozens dead.

In addition to photos of people who Trying to get on the wings of planes that are evacuating employees.

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