Haiti declared national mourning for the earthquake victims – Prensa Latina

It rose to 1,419 deaths due to the earthquake in Haiti

Henry said in a press conference that from tomorrow Tuesday through Thursday, he will raise the flag at half mast as a reminder of the disaster that caused so much suffering.

“A lot of people have died and we want to show them respect,” stressed a neurosurgeon who traveled to the disaster areas to check the level of damage to infrastructure.

Last Saturday, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake caused a tally of 1,419 dead and 6,900 injured, according to the partial balance of authorities.

More than 84,000 homes were destroyed or partially damaged, as well as hospitals, schools and other institutions.

Henry, who took office on July 20 after President Jovenel Moss was assassinated, acknowledged the situation was “tragic,” though he promised to speed up the delivery of aid to more than 30,000 affected families.

At least 65 tons of humanitarian aid has arrived in the country since Sunday night, coming from Venezuela, Mexico and Chile, and these shipments are expected to increase in the coming days.

A few minutes after the earthquake, doctors and nurses from the Cuban Brigade, who had worked tirelessly since Saturday, were deployed on the ground.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Prime Minister will lead a forum with civil society, political representatives and the business sector in order to better coordinate government actions aimed at national reconstruction. In this sense, Henry called for national unity and solidarity among all citizens.

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