Tikka orchids add color to UK royal gardens in winter

After a hiatus of nearly two years, the Royal Botanic Garden in Kew in the UK will resume its festival as orchids from Costa Rica will become the main attraction, said the organization associated with the royal family and sponsored by Carlos de Inglaterra, Prince. from Wales.

Due to the pandemic, the organization has suspended the activity in 2021, which resumes this year is inspired by the rich and colorful culture of Costa Rica which, according to the managers, “gives visitors the perfect opportunity to escape the UK winter weather… and enjoy the sights and sounds of this internationally recognized sanctuary of biodiversity” .

The activity will be from February 5 to March 6 at the Princess of Wales Conservatory; A 4,500 square meter exhibition hall designed as a set of greenhouses capable of reproducing up to 10 different computer-controlled climatic zones in a maze of glass and ecosystems.

the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew It is a public body supported by the Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of that country. He is engaged in botanical research and education internationally, on an area of ​​120 hectares, between the communities of Richmond on Thames and Kew, in southwest London.

The election of Costa Rica as the champion of the event, the entity referred to in a statement, seeks to highlight the privileged position of the nation due to its biodiversity. In addition, it is an additional recognition after receiving it in October The Earthshot Award given to him by Prince William From England and the Royal Costa Rican Foundation for Environmental Conservation.

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the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew It also highlights that 6% of the world’s biodiversity is in Costa Rica even though only 0.03% of the planet’s land is covered.

Costa Rica is a role model in biodiversity conservation, with about a quarter of its land forming part of a protected forest or reserve. The Royal Botanic Garden of Kew has several collaborative science projects in Costa Rica, including building a family tree for all orchid species to figure out how best to protect them and documenting the plants in La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, one of the richest places on Earth in plant diversity,” the entity stated. .

Color explosion

For this occasion, the Princess of Wales Institute It will be decorated to recreate the diverse and green landscapes of Costa Rica, transporting visitors through its biodiversity, from the dry tropical forest of the North Pacific Ocean to the forests of the South Coast, thanks to its advanced climate control system.

During their journey through the greenhouse, visitors will find a variety of Costa Rican replicas among the floral arrangements such as monkeys, sea turtles, frogs, and hummingbirds. All of these animals, besides organizing, are handcrafted from plants and flowers to add more color and texture to the display.

“The central display at the greenhouse pond, one of the highlights of the festival, will be filled with gorgeous orchids and vibrant bromeliads,” the hosts promised.

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Quoting Will Spuelstra in the festival statement, Kew’s Greenhouse Director Will Spolestra said the organization enjoys lighting up the bleak winter months with “creative, vibrant and beautiful displays centered around orchids.” The statement added that after closing in 2021, the spokesperson feels it is appropriate this year to resume activity that has not been interrupted before in the 27 years of its implementation.

“Costa Rica is an important home of orchids, with many interesting species, and has a lot to teach us about conservation, as the world faces such massive threats of biodiversity loss. Visitors can enjoy a coast-to-coast ride safely through this tropical paradise that we intend to recreate. Inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory, we’ll learn a thing or two about its diversity and cultural wonders along the way,” adds Spoelstra.

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