Three-color armor, the conquest of the identity of new generations

The new design of the national identity must be combined with good memories. The Mexican team, which is still searching for its place in the World Cup Qatar 2022, reveals a picture of its shield. Changes in the colors and logos of the national team have been recorded since the World Cup in Uruguay in 1930. The three colors (green, white and red) have been recognized as the basis of visual identity with an increasingly component. Essential: The fight to attract the new generations of Mexican Americans to the United States who have seen the growth of stars and stripes in the CONCACAF region.

The unveiling of the image was visual, audio, and with video clips named after concepts of Mexican culture. Azteca Stadium turned off the lights to display drones, lights and dancers. The motto was associated with passion, pride and dreams.

Should a tie brand change with the results in court?

“This is what happened when the national team’s graphic identity was to be relaunched. We are now in that euphoria, a choice that does not provoke, does not produce results and has repercussions. As we approach the World Cup finals in Qatar, the excitement will be as it is in every World Cup. It’s like a clean slate, a change in skin and age.Alberto Lati, a Mexican sports journalist and writer, explains to this newspaper, everything will depend on what is delivered on the field.

In the shield of the Mexican Football Federation, the eagle changed its position, in the new design they spread its wings, but in 2010 Femexfut president Justino Compean explained that the eagle should not point with its beak down Well, “No Mexican has to bend, that’s why it should raise his beak”. At the World Cup in South Africa, the change was also with the jersey, when it was used in black as the first official uniform. Mexico fell in the round of 16 against Argentina.

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For the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which #noerapenal will remember, the green was brought back as the main jersey, and the second color was red with a zigzag line compared to the cartoon Charlie Brown jersey.

In Russia 2018, the colors of the uniform returned to green and white. But for the operation bound for Qatar 2022, a black rose was selected with a Mexican rose.

“It was necessary to do the rebranding thinking about the logo, but for the uniform, I can’t imagine Brazil with gray or Dutch forgetting orange or Italian azure. Lati asserts that green is the color of national identity and the eagle is the cosmogony of the founding of the nation.

What about Mexican Americans? How can we not lose the generations of fans who have been following the evolution of men’s football?

Both Femexfut and Soccer United Marketing (SUM) have implemented campaigns like “Somos Locales” to serve the more than 60 million Mexican fans in the United States, with the team having accompanied an average of 60,000 fans in the past decade. For each game in the MexTour.

But last year, the sport’s results against the United States took three defeats to Tricolor, two of them in the final, the Nations League and the Gold Cup.

“Attract economically relevant Mexican Americans. If you create an attractive product and run it well, you jeopardize the hearts of millions of descendants of Mexicans who will have the purchasing power of the business model. With another generation of immigrants, the struggle between the national teams is who to get them.” “.

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