Thousands of Spanish and European airlines are trapped in the UK

Thousands of Spanish airlines and those from other European Union countries continue on Saturday “trapped” in queues of up to 24 hours for more than 50 kilometers on the motorway leading to the Canal Tunnel and the departure ports so that they can return to their countries. the origin.

This was reported to Servimedia by the Secretary General of the National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain (Fenadismer), Juan Jose Gil, who lamented that these “traffic jams” had occurred all this week, “and at the gates of Holy Week.”

Lines of trucks waiting in Dover

Gareth Fuller / PA Wire / dpa

That’s yes, the fact that this holiday period will begin, according to Gill, “as expected in the coming days, the situation will come to an end”, the transportation of goods is reduced because there are companies that “close” or reduce your activity.

However, although the situation may improve in the coming days, the Secretary-General of Vandismar warned that these large traffic jams have been recorded “periodically” since 2020, when the United Kingdom left the European Union, since “we came out of a free transit regime. To customs system.

They are asking for the intervention of the European Commission

For Gill, the explanations given by the UK government are “the peregrines”, as they refer to issues such as “computer problems with the customs control system or bad weather”.

Faced with this “unacceptable situation”, the representative of Fenadismer insisted on asking the European Commission to intervene “immediately” in order to “force the UK to take urgent action” that would help “liberate” the thousands of European tankers in its custody. .

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These are the effects of Brexit and make Britons suffer from shortages

John Joseph GillFenadismer

“These are the effects Britain’s exit from the European Union. I don’t know if anyone has noticed any positive effect, but the carriers cannot be like this,” added Gill, who cautioned that “this discourages many airlines from traveling to the UK”, which in turn makes citizens The British sometimes suffer from a “shortage” of certain goods.

And he, as he denounced, there are carriers who, in addition to “wasting time, losing customers” due to “delays in delivery times” of products, for which he accused the British government of “banning” and “punishing” the carriers’ use of alternative local routes to carry out their journey.

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