Watch this 88-foot-tall ship burn at sea in the port of Valencia, Spain

A boat loaded with more than 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel released a massive amount of smoke when it burned in a Spanish port on Friday, according to local videos and news releases.

Handcrafted scenes of orange and black flames in the soft blue Mediterranean waters of Valencia in front of three regiment firefighters. Put the fire out 12 hours later. Initial reports He identified the ship as a Pesa and said it was flying the French flag, though he did not identify its owner.

press accounts The fire was caused by a battery failure that ignited the luxury boat’s fiberglass hull, citing unnamed sources in the fire department. but miraculously insisted The ship’s large fuel tanks were found intact and they said they intended to recover diesel despite the sinking of the ship’s aft. Port authorities Despite the urgent installation of an anti-pollution barrier in the water, it is said that there was no pollution in the North Marina as the Besa Quay was positioned and no damage was caused to the adjacent berths.

Boat rental sites The three-year-old ship Besa, built in Italy, is capable of accommodating up to eight passengers and three crew members. web page Advertising opportunities for yacht charter listings €70,000 – approximately $76,135 per week.

“The Pesa’s impressive leisure and entertainment suitability – high-quality paddleboards, sea-skis and jet-skis, towables, snorkeling, water-skiing and water-skiing equipment – ​​makes it an excellent sailboat. An active vacation with family and friends,” the site says. Its luxurious interior design reflects the refined tastes of its owners.”

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