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Washington. Google on Friday announced an agreement with specialized electronics repair company iFixit to provide original parts for Pixel mobile phones, so users can repair their own devices.

In a statement, the Mountain View, California-based company indicated that “later” in 2022, Pixel phone owners in the US, EU, UK, Canada and Australia will be able to purchase. Parts through the iFixit website.

These will include parts that are often damaged or broken such as batteries, monitors and cameras, and can be purchased along with screwdrivers and other tools for this equipment.

The parts for sale will cover everything from the Pixel 2, introduced in 2017, to the Pixel 6.

In November, Apple also announced a service where it will sell iPhone parts and tools to customers so they can repair them themselves at home, without going to the store.

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This was the first time that Apple, known for its great efforts to protect the intellectual property of its designs and technologies, made these parts and tools available to customers.

The Cupertino company, also based in California, warned that it only recommends this service to those users who “feel comfortable doing their own repairs,” as an inexperienced person could end up completely damaging the device if they don’t know what to do. Do

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