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to win the lottery It is something that is desired by many. Regardless of whether the prize is a great fortune or “a little help” to cover the holes, the joy of winning a lottery of this kind is immense. This can be a double edged sword, there are those who go too far with the ceremonies and don’t manage the award as well as it should. But whatever it is, your ticket may be the winner It can change your life.

Lottery winners

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

This is the situation Paul Caudela man from North Carolina (United States) obtained a total 390 thousand dollars (just under 360 thousand euros). “I told myself there must be something wrong. I couldn’t sleep all night,” Caudel said after winning the award, according to The Independent. And this wealth that the North American citizen took is undoubtedly A Perseverance Award.

There are all kinds of players in the lottery. people who buy Tickets with special datesand others who look at mathematical possibilities And the choice of numbers based on this or that criterion They leave everything to chance They play a different number every day. However, the known tactic is that Always play with the same numbers. This could be a bottomless pit if it didn’t work out, but it worked for Caudill.

He won 11 million in the lottery, but this decision made him have to go back to work

A well known tactic is to always play with the same numbers.

Altogether, the American He has been playing the same number for 7 consecutive years. 7 years of buying the exact same ticket, hoping one day it will work out. Well, that has been the case. The numbers are the birthdays of the various members of my family.Caudill confirmed. This is a very common trend among people who play the lottery regularly. And this man has solved life. “Now I will be able to pay for my house,” the American assured.

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