La Nación/Health, Education and Security are the government’s priorities for PGN 2024

Deputy Minister of Financial Management in the Ministry of Finance, Oscar Lovera, spoke about how the work was done to prepare the State General Budget (PGN) 2024 and explained that according to the government’s guidelines, The priority for the coming year will be to invest more efficiently in health, education and security.

As stipulated by the National Constitution, it must be submitted no later than September 1 PGN project, in which the new economics team analyzes what the previous team did to rearrange the numbers-If there is a requirement, reinforce the necessary areas.

“We are working to look at what has been accomplished so far, and to look at the effort that the state has to make to deal with what is already there, which is the rigid expenditures, Talking about salaries, pensions and debt services, and from there identifying some resources that can be allocated to the sectors that the President of the Republic has identified as priorities.Lovera expressed to 1020 AM.

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Then he said it was not an easy task, and I understand that Needs are always unlimited and resources are limitedbut they will work to achieve the goals that they have. He also stated that they would monitor the income and collection capacity of the state to redirect additional resources.

On the other hand, he also talked about the mergers that started with the Undersecretary of State for Taxation (SET) and the National Customs Directorate (DNA) which It gave life to the National Directorate of Tax Revenue (DNIT) and indicated that it will fall under PGN 2024 Meanwhile, they are awaiting the issuance of the law establishing the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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We have three institutions incorporated in the case of the Ministry of Economy They have duplicate structures that need to be unified and from there redirect human capital resourcesOscar Lovera noted.

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