Fires from godmother to uk

Fires from godmother to ukBorja Guerrero

All eyes are turned skyward every night of Aste Nagusia; Willows, palm trees, camphors, amazing characters, not forgetting the recent colossal fireworks, delighted the more than 10,000 people who unconditionally tended to the river mouth to enjoy the biggest spectacle of the festivities. coming from France, Portugal, England and different points of stateSeven companies will be responsible this year Festive nights light up In the The 31st edition of the Villa de Bilbao International Fireworks Competition.

fireworks devitol OviedoThe competition will open tonight 22.30 hours. Minhota (Portugal), Aquarêve (France), Pibierzo (Lyon), Firewox (United Kingdom) and Pirotecnia del Mediterráneo (Valencia) They will take charge throughout the week, which will culminate on Saturday with an exhibition of people from Alava from Falesia.

Another year, companies will choose to participate Two awards: one is granted by a specialized jury and the other by the citizens themselves. To do this, they can cast their vote, choosing the show they liked the most through the mobile app. Bilbao Ast Nagosia 2023. The jury, for its part, will take into account criteria such as space occupationthe purity And color durationOr the design of award forms that will be announced on the last Sunday of the festivities.

There are those who love to be seen on the front lines, and feel the Loud explosions with every throwand who prefers to take a perspective and stay away from Equestria Park To think of the castle as a whole. For both, Bilbao offers an infinite number of terraces that will be captivating with fireworks every night.

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The area with the best visibility to see the fires is left margin From the estuary, across the span that runs from Navarre Street to Uribitarte Park. There are sites where visibility is partially reduced, eg Arriaga Squaresome regions Arenal, Ernesto Erkoreka Square, Campo Volantín Promenade, Etxebarria Park and the Uribitarte walkfrom Zubezuri even fGuggenheim Museum from Bilbao. Finally, there are domains Avoids Due to which the visibility is practically blurred, especially for fires fired at low altitudes, such as on bridges sand bankfollower municipality And Zubezuri.

If going in the company of minors or people with mobility issues, it is a must Bilbao City Council It is advised that extreme precautions be taken before the number of spectators gets too high, especially in Town Hall Bridge, Zubizuri and the from Al-Rainal Which is located between Ripa Street and Arenal Quay

And watch out, because in case the wind is overtaking 36 kilometers per hour, security will force the display to be suspended. In this case, the municipality You will implement a protocol to inform the public of the situation. Thus, the system of public discourse at both festival venues and transportation stops and stops Bilbao Metro, Euscotrain, Tram, Bilbaobus, Bizcaipos and Renfe- A message will be issued announcing the suspension, which will also be disseminated through municipal information boards and social networks.

the performance

  • Saturday 19 DeVita Fireworks (Oviedo): This small family business, owned by the Alvarez Barrow brothers, traces its origins to the company Pirotecnia GAN that was run by their grandfather in the 1920’s.
  • Sunday 20 Minhota Fireworks (Portugal): These are the main fireworks companies. Originally from Portugal and born in 1995, they have been recognized in different countries for their participation in major events, such as Expo 98 in Seville.
  • Mon 21 Caballer fx (Valencia): The pyrotechnic tradition of this company dates back to 1877 by the grandfather of the current managers, Antonio Caballer, as well as his grandmother, a pioneer pyrotechnician in the state, Josefina Caballer.
  • Tuesday 22 AQURÊVE (France): a company specializing in water shows combined with scenographic pyrotechnic effects combined with lighting, special effects and lasers. His company name stands for “water” and “dream”.
  • Wednesday 23 PYROTECHNICS PIBIERZO (Lyon): Performances by this company are carried out with handmade fireworks in their facilities, offering everything from Valencian mascletás to fireworks at festivals such as El Pilar de Zaragoza.
  • Thursday 24th pyrotex fireworks (UK): Their unique designs, passion and skills have led the company to become an icon of reference, making them one of the most awarded in the UK.
  • Friday 25 Mediterranean Fireworks (Valencia)It was the first accredited workshop for the preparation and assembly of fireworks displays in Spain. Their aim is to modernize commerce and for this good work they have won many prizes throughout the Spanish state.
  • SATURDAY 26 VALECEA PYROTECHNICS (CHAGROOT): On the final night of the festivities, Álava’s company, Pirotecnia Valecea, will also present an exhibition show starting at 10:30pm.
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