This type of exercise helps treat osteoporosis in women over the age of 65

the Osteoporosis It is a condition that affects a high proportion of women over the age of 65 in Argentina, with approximately 1 in 4 women suffering from the condition. Traditionally, people with osteoporosis have been advised to exercise at a light weight and avoid intense activities to prevent possible bone fractures. However, recent research has revealed that exercising with heavier weights can offer significant benefits to those suffering from this disease.

Previous belief suggests that light-weight activities are the safest option to avoid complications in weak bones. However, Kendall Moseley, director of the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Johns Hopkins Medicine, has challenged this view. According to Mosley, most studies indicate that maintaining an active life contributes to stable bone mineral density, which highlights the… Practice particularly.

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In a recent study, 101 people over the age of 65 with low bone mass were recruited, many of whom had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. These people were divided into two groups: one of them was executed exercises He supervised the reduction in load and intensity, while the other lifted weights under medical supervision. After 8 months, the results revealed that those who exercised with heavy weights saw a significant increase in spinal bone density, compared to the low-load exercise group, which continued to lose bone strength.

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The mechanism behind this phenomenon is related to the ability of bones to respond to stress resulting from stress Practice. When bones are exposed to heavier loads, micro-flexions occur that stimulate the bone cells, activating the bone cells to generate more bone tissue. This process helps strengthen bones, and is similar to the healing mechanism of broken bones.

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In addition to increasing bone density, the study showed other benefits for people with it Osteoporosissuch as reducing the risk of fractures, strengthening the hip and back bones, reducing the risk of falling, and increasing bone mass in general.

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