The Houthis condemn the new American and British bombing of northwest Yemen

Sanaa.- The rebels Yemen Houthis They reported this today United State And the United kingdom They released at least seven Air strikes against Hajjah Governorate Northwestern Yemen, in new bombardment on militant positions amid escalating tension in the Red Sea.

Al-Masirah TV, the official spokesman for the Houthis, said that the “American and British aggression” carried out seven bombings, including Jobs in AljarIt is an area of ​​farmland from which insurgents often fire missiles and drones against commercial ships crossing the strategic sea route.

population Abs townResidents close to the bombing area told EFE that they heard explosions and several fighter planes flying over the governorate, located north of the coastal city of Hodeidah, which is also controlled by the Houthis.

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So far, it is not known what the aim of the attack was on Al-Jar, an area that has been repeatedly bombed in recent years by the Saudi Arabia-led military coalition intervening in Yemen, and where rebels hide rocket launchers among crops.

The new bombing comes a day after the United States destroyed a control center for launching drones in areas of Yemen controlled by the rebels, US Central Command (Centcom) reported at the time.

This also comes amid the intensification of Houthi attacks against commercial ships and warships crossing the Red Sea.

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Since November 19, the Houthis, an Iranian-backed group, have launched about 40 attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea in support of West Bank Palestinians. Gaza strip And harming Israel economically.

The United States and the United Kingdom first bombed Houthi positions on January 12, when they struck about 60 targets in Yemen in response to the rebels' actions against commercial shipping, which caused severe disruptions to global maritime trade.

The Yemeni capital, Sanaa, controlled by Houthi rebels, was subjected to a series of air strikes on Saturday evening, the Houthi TV network said, accusing the United States and the United Kingdom.

Al-Masirah TV indicated that “the American and British bombing targeted the southern sectors of the capital,” while eyewitnesses reported strong explosions in the city.

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