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As all fans of the Super Smash Bros saga know, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate It has two fighter / fighter passes. All of them include different DLC characters that can be purchased in a bundle or separately.

Well, it turns out that a Reddit user named RiuBert has spotted a clue leading him to theorize this. El Fighter Pass Vol. 2 From Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can get an additional seventh character (In addition to the six that were already promised).

These are the details that have been shared:

  • All games, DLCs, and product bundles contain a unique code (known as NSUID) on the official Nintendo website.
  • With the first set of DLC characters, from the Piranha Plant to the First Fighters Pass’s latest addition, Byleth, the DLC codes are arranged chronologically from 70050000008501 to 70050000008501. Here is the Rex Mii suit offered to buyers of the first Fight Pass, which ends in ‘8507’.
  • in it Fighter Pass 2 Vol. 2 The fighters are listed in chronological order (Min Min is 70050000018967, even Pyra / Mythra at 70050000018970, with “18971” and “18972” reserved for the two unspoken characters). This time, however, the Ancient Helm + Pass Gear outfit bonus didn’t appear immediately after that, earning a NSUID of 70050000018974, instead of ending in “18973”. Instead, this mysterious “18973” is “currently unavailable”.

We remind you that Pyra and Mythra of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 have joined the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by DLC on March 4. This is the fourth addition to Fighter Pass 2 and can be purchased separately for 5.99 €. By purchasing Fighters Pass Vol.2 for € 29.99 from the Nintendo eShop, players will also have access to Steve and Alex, Min Min, Sefirot and a couple of Applicant Packs that have yet to be announced when available. Each package includes a fighter, a stage, and multiple music tracks.

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While that doesn’t guarantee anything, it undoubtedly raised fans’ expectations, wondering (if that was true) what new character could be incorporated into this fighter’s second pass: an environmental fighter, another bonus suit or something entirely different. For now, there will be no choice but to wait to see if this is really the case or not.

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