This is the survival kit promoted by the UK so that residents can be prepared for potential emergencies

The UK government wants its population to be prepared for potential emergencies. That’s why it was launched A survival kit containing essential supplies that should not be missing in every home. They are also advised to make evacuation and flood communication plans to stay in touch with family members.

In stores in Wales, essential items for this emergency kit have been moved following the warning. A flashlight is essentialYes, with batteries, which leads us to also consider portable batteries or batteries that allow us to charge our mobile phones, for example, to obtain information when an emergency is resolved.

In more serious cases, which prevent us from leaving for 3 days or more, Basic waterLots of water, because we need it not only to drink, but also to eat. About ten liters per day per person, which can also be used to cook non-perishable foods of course, such as tins of vegetables and fruits or packed, ready-to-eat meat. Additionally, a can opener is essential in case easy opening is difficult.

If there is any kind of health problem, Emergency kitWith its strips, it is purified. This is the British survival kit, a collection of essentials that can help us fight back in an emergency.

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