Five types of tea to soothe sore throat, according to doctors

Tea to soothe a sore throat
These five types of tea can help soothe a sore throat. | Image: Shutterstock.

Sore throat or pharyngitis is caused by swelling of the back of the throat, and that is Pharynx. To soothe this discomfort, there are five types of tea that, according to medical experts, can help relieve the pain. sore throatReduce swelling and help get rid of phlegm.

Tea to relieve pain

1. Licorice root tea

he Licorice It can remove phlegm and mucus and act as a general plastering agent to help relieve pain throat pain, Nutritionist Kerry Ganz told the magazine Interested in trade.

This is due, according to Gans, to the fact that Licorice root It contains lyquiletin and lyquiritigenin, which work Expectorant; In addition to glycyrrhizin, which acts as a softener, that is, it provides A protective layer over the throat Which can be prevented Irritation when swallowing.

a Study 2021 Patients who had a breathing tube inserted into their throat and gargled with it were analyzed Licorice or green tea solution. Both fluids helped reduce throat pain, compared to patients who did not Gargle.

2. Green tea

According to nutritionist Samantha Cassetti, green tea contains powerful compounds Antioxidants They are called polyphenols which can help the immune system fight back Cold and flu viruses.

“It is also known that Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties Which can help relieve discomfort Throat pain. Ganz added that these properties come from a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which reduces inflammatory proteins in the body.

The recommended option is to use Green tea Gargle for 30 seconds and repeat after two hours.

3. Ginger tea

Given that Ginger root It contains compounds called gingerols and shogoals analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this tea It can help relieve throat pain, Cassetti told the publication.

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For his part, Ganz noted that in addition to being soothing, Ginger can also help fight colds or flu. As some scientific studies indicate this Ginger may have antimicrobial properties Which can help fight the viral infections they can cause Throat pain“.

However, more research is needed to determine whether Ginger tea Diseases can be fought.

4. Slippery elm tea

he Slippery elm It contains a substance called Glue Which turns into a slippery gelatinous substance when mixed with water. This gel can create a protective layer and Soothing on the throatAccording to experts.

And, according to A A small study published in 2004 I found that people with sore throat They drank Tea based on slippery elm, licorice and marshmallow Four to six times a day for up to seven days was much less Throat pain From people who drank placebo tea.

5. Marshmallow tea

the Marshmallow root can help with Throat pain Because it also contains high levels of soothing mucilage, just like slippery elm.

Additionally, Ganz noted that it can help relieve mucus in throat, Which can help relieve dry coughs that irritate the throat.

a Initial study 2018 People surveyed who took marshmallow root lozenges or syrup to treat dry cough. According to patients within 10 minutes of treatment, most people reported feeling less Throat irritation And they had less desire for it cough.

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