Israel advances in Rafah and intensifies its bombing of the rest of Gaza

The official Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) reported that during the past few hours, Israeli aircraft and artillery launched intense bombardment on the cities of Rafah and Gaza in the south and north of the coastal strip, respectively.

At least seven people were killed and several others were injured in an attack on a UN refugee camp in the Tal al-Sultan neighborhood, and another died in a similar incident against a house located west of Rafah.

In the vicinity of Zorob Roundabout in the same city, the area also witnessed violent raids with Israeli tanks.

WAFA reported that the displacement of tens of thousands of Palestinians from that town to the cities of Khan Yunis and Deir al-Balah in the south and center of the Gaza Strip continues.

The source explained that three citizens were martyred east of Gaza City, and others were injured by artillery shelling of a house in the Al-Daraj neighborhood.

The armored vehicles deployed in the so-called Netzarim axis, which divides the enclave into two halves, also fired dozens of shells towards the neighborhoods of Tal al-Hawa, Sheikh Ejlin, al-Zaytoun, al-Sabra, and the Juhr al-Dik area. In that city.

In addition, a number of people were killed and wounded in an attack on a house in the Bureij refugee camp.

Meanwhile, Israeli media announced on Tuesday that the country’s armed forces had expanded the scope of fighting around Rafah, a process strongly criticized by the international community.

During the past two days, it was reported that the IDF advanced into the center and east of the refugee camp while the bombing intensified on several neighborhoods, affecting hospitals in Kuwait and the UAE.

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The Ynet news website indicated that there are ongoing attacks against the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood, west of Rafah, including the police station area.

Earlier this month, the army attacked the Rafah crossing, which since October last year has represented Gaza’s only gateway for food, medicine and fuel.

The next day, the army began its attack on the city of the same name, where more than a million Palestinians took refuge, most of whom have since fled.


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