This is the official list of Motorola smartphones that will receive the update to Android 12 in Mexico

Motorola has shared a file The official list of your smartphones that will receive the update to Android 12. A total of 25 smartphones will give to update to the latest version of Android, including many that are officially available in Mexico.

in a Blog post Motorola shares details of its update, currently in beta testing. According to Motorola, the official publication of his Android 12 + My UX update will start in February 2022 And it will come to the following smartphones:

  • RAZR 5G
  • Razr 2020
  • Motorola Edge 20 Pro
  • Motorola Edge 20
  • Motorola Edge 20 Lite
  • Motorola Edge 20 Fusion
  • Motorola Edge (2021)
  • Your Motorola Edge 5G phone
  • Motorola Edge Plus
  • Motorola One 5G Ice
  • Your Motorola One 5G phone
  • Moto G200 5G
  • Moto G71 5G phone
  • Motorcycle g51 5G
  • Moto G 41
  • moto g31
  • Moto G 100
  • moto g60s
  • Moto G60
  • Moto G50 / Moto G50 5G
  • Moto G40 Fusion
  • Moto G30
  • Moto g Power (2022)
  • Moto G Pure
  • Moto g Stylus 5G

Business Edition for Smartphones

  • Moto G Pro
  • Moto Edge (2021)
  • Moto Edge 20
  • Moto Edge 20 Lite
  • Moto Edge 20 fusion

In total, there are 25 Motorola smartphones that will receive the Android 12 update, as well as five Business Edition smartphones. of you, 11 smartphones officially available in Mexico (marked in bold in the list).

Android 12 + My UX, this is the Motorola layer

In addition to the list of your devices that will receive a file to updateMotorola shares the details of what’s new in the Android 12 + My UX layer, which combines the purity of Android with its own experiences and customization capabilities. Made last year.

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Take Motorola All the advantages of Android 12, such as Material You and improved privacy management, and combines it with customizing fonts, colors, sizes, and shapes in My UX.

Enhanced accessibility features are also included, such as enlarging certain areas of the screen, additional screen dimming, and bold text and grayscale throughout the content.

Besides all these new features, Motorola is also promising updates with new My UX, new camera features, and new Ready For software experiences coming in 2022.

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