This is how laSexta narrated the vote and the outcome of the Brexit referendum, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union

he June 23 In 2016, the United Kingdom voted in a referendum on whether the country would remain in the European Union, a process that was called Britain’s exit from the European Union.

One of the arguments of Brexiteers was that being a member state entails existence Loss of sovereigntySo leaving the EU would allow more control over issues such as ImmigrationA better position for negotiation Trade agreements And Eliminate community organization and bureaucracy.

Those who chose to remain part of the EU claimed that any loss of sovereignty was offset by the benefits of belonging to the union, and warned of risks to the UK economy and increased trade barriers to the British with the remaining member countries.

he 51.9% of British voters announced that they support leaving the European UnionCompared to 48.1% who voted against it, results that caused European stock markets to shake and the value of the pound sterling to fall to its lowest levels since 1985.

The next day, after the official results were announced, the then British Prime Minister, David CameronThat was it We are committed to calling for a referendum After winning the general elections in May 2005, he appeared before the media to announce his resignation from his position.

LaSexta Noticias and Al Rojo Vivo published, in a special programme, a report on what that historic day entails and the consequences that Brexit may have on both the United Kingdom and the rest of the European Union.

*Archive: laSexta celebrates anniversaries of historical events or related episodes covered by the network.

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