This is his wealth and his empire behind the Lakers

Do you like it or not Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Who had a heated discussion with him about the player’s political position Akron), LeBron James He would be a universal symbol and a person of utmost repercussions in a society United State It is because of his successes on the track, which are indisputable, but also because of his involvement in social problems, which is beyond doubt, and his super wealth, which makes him walk all the way that no active athlete would possibly be able to go. The king he is the king Los Angeles Lakers But also outside the courts, with such enormous wealth and his huge empire.

When the magazine list came out Forbes Among the top ten highest earning celebrities of 2020 on the planet, of course LeBron James Among them, mainly due to the deal with the Purple and Gold team, which was executed in 2018, in the amount of $ 153 million To be distributed in four years. True, his income in such a rating is far from 590 million euros Kylie Jenner Or 170 of Kanye West, Also from 106.3 from Roger Federer Or 105 soccer players Cristiano RonaldoBut entrepreneur LeBron goes much further.

and that is The king It is part of FSG (Fenway Sports Group), A fund that acquired a significant portion of the property, among other things, from Liverpool from Premier League. But its impact goes much further than that. LeBron has the most successful sponsorship of the world’s best basketball league, as it also has a production company, Spring Hill EntertainmentAnd a means of communication, without interruption.

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on the other side, the chosen He managed to figure out how to look beyond the basketball competition and, for example, bonded with other celebrities on the project Ladder, Which is a health and wellness-focused company, alongside the famous actor, among others Arnold Schwarzenegger; The same way you are a partner and investor in the food chain Blaze Pizza, Which has 19 franchises among them Florida s Chicago. Besides, he has also participated in the African American community and was not only a weighted voice in the movement The black lives movement is importantBut through LeBron James Family FoundationTheir foundation, where they have, among other things, created schools for the most disadvantaged.

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