This is a dangerous dog breed that has been declared illegal in the UK

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, He made the decision to make the dog breed illegal American Bully XLthrough a rule that took effect on February 1, 2024.

With this veto, this type of animal becomes prohibited in English territory. In the past few weeks, in which the ownership of this type of dog has been allowed, animal rights activists and their advocates have flooded social media networks to find a solution. But the executive was clear that in the face of an accumulation of attacks, some of them deadly, something had to be done.

A man lost his life in the town of Walsall as a result of an attack by A Bully XLAt the same time BirminghamA minor was seriously injured in another attack.

Experts believe that these dogs can pose a danger even to their owners, as we witnessed in another attack that ended with their owner being hospitalized with several injuries.

General danger

The government's decision includes transporting this animal outside the country and objecting to its marketing and breeding.

In addition, those who already have it American Bully XLThey will have to face strict measures. Those wishing to keep them must adhere to detailed requirements, such as paying 105 pounds, obtaining private insurance, subjecting them to sterilization, and committing to carrying them with a mask and a leash. If they do not comply with these requirements, they will face heavy fines or potentially have their dogs confiscated. The government even offers the option that raises the most dust: euthanasia.

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United kingdom It is not the only country that has banned this breed. in Türkiye And The United Arab Emirates They took this measure a long time ago, and it is now coming into effect in England. The restriction of this dangerous breed reaches the Republic IrelandThis type and other types are subject to a rule called the Dangerous Dogs Law.

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