Besides the United States, in what other countries is the NFL played?

The NFL continues to break barriers and leave borders behind by scheduling the league's first game in Spain, furthering its efforts to expand American soccer beyond American borders.

Choosing the famous Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid as the venue for this meeting confirms the scale of this initiative.

This is an important step in the international expansion of NFL He remembers the path Mexico charted in 2005 by hosting its first regular season game at Estadio Azteca.

In which countries is the NFL played?

After Mexico City, London England was the second expansion point, setting a precedent since 2007 with regular season duels that strengthened the European fan base for American football.

Germany has joined the list of host nations in 2022, and Brazil has recently joined the roster as well, set to play a match in Sao Paulo with the Philadelphia Eagles as part of the 2024 season.

In this context, Spain has become the fifth country to join the selected group of host countries for the World Cup NFL. The selection of Spain not only highlights the growing popularity of American football in Europe, but also underscores the desire of the United States NFL To continue conquering the world.

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