This game will disappear from the eShop and PlayStation Store on January 1st

We have bad news for all you fans of retro games, as it has just been confirmed that a very interesting collection has disappeared from the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation stores. We point to Premium Bill & Ted Retro Collection.

Goodbye retro collection

As you surely know, this collection was first introduced on February 17 of this year in the eShop and PlayStation Store. Now, it is a matter of a few days until it disappears and is no longer obtainable.

The announcement was made by those responsible for the title, who confirmed that it will be removed from digital stores due to the expiration of the license with partners Limited tour. This will prevent new users from purchasing it, although those who have it will be able to download it again without problems.

Here you can see the message:

This is the post with the sad news
This is the post with the sad news

As you can see, it was Josh Fairhurst, CEO of Limited Run, who shared the news and was responding to the various comments he received for having only demoed the game for a few months:

“Unfortunately, we don't have the rights Bill and Ted In fact, there is no permanent license for intellectual property. “We had a two-year deadline to get our license and development took longer than expected,” the designer also revealed.

It is worth noting that you still have time to buy Premium Bill & Ted Retro Collection In stores of each unit. Here we leave you the options:

Premium Bill & Ted Retro Collection

  • Online store: $197.69 Mexican peso
  • PlayStation Store: $169.9 Mexican Peso (approx.)

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What is this Premium Bill & Ted Retro Collection?

If you're not sure what this set has to offer, let us tell you that it includes two excellent adventures with Bill and Ted. Best of all, in Power Phone Booth you can travel to 6 different worlds and talk to different historical figures, all in a journey with RPG touches where you must save the world and earn the respect you deserve.

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