The United States shares its sporting culture at the Cervantino Grupo Millenio Festival

Alejandro Barron, who directs sports diplomacy programs at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, said the issue of sports for some… The combination of the International Cervantino Festival and sports is strange.

However, he emphasized, It is impossible to imagine the culture of the United States without including sports. Which are closely related to cultural, artistic and educational topics, and hence some activities were included for the first time in the programming of the 51st session of the exhibition. International Cervantino Festival.

Although there will be artistic, cultural and gastronomic activities as part of the offer that will be presented The United States is guest of honor at the International Cervantino FestivalThey also considered proposals of a mathematical nature.

“We have a cooperation within the Cervantino framework between four sports organizations of practically international scope: World Boxing CouncilIt is the only professional sports organization with a global reach and headquartered in Mexico. Therefore, it will have a presence at the festival on two fronts, the first, through the exhibition of championship belts, accompanied by a collection of photographs showing the heroes of the two countries, which can be visited in Benjamin Franklin’s house located in the city of Guanajuato.”

Baron explained in a press conference that during the second weekend of AIBA activities, there will be two boxing clinics for young people between the ages of 6 and 16, run by former world champions: German Torres and Alfonso Zamora, as well as the boxer. , Rosie Olvera.

“The Capitanes de Mexico City Basketball Team, which belongs to the American Professional Basketball League, will participate, and a free throw exhibition will be organized in parallel.”

On Friday, October 20, the captain will have a clinic at La Colmina Hall, where the women's professional team plays, he added.

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The participation of the NFL, the National Football League in the United States, which is very popular in Mexico, has emerged. So three activities were planned, including an awards show, corresponding to the nine NFL teams, “which consider Mexico their second home, as their trading region, These pieces were designed by Nayarit artist, Cesar MenchacaThey are trophies with decorations that allude to these nine bands with Huichol art.

Announce it On Saturday, October 14, there will be Toshito clinics, and on Sunday, October 15, a tournament will be organized for the first time. With teams from the Guanajuato region and surrounding cities. As part of these activities there will be a party on Monday the 16th at the Benjamin Franklin House to watch the match between Los Cargadores from Los Angeles and Los Vaqueros from Dallas.

The fourth organization Cervantino has worked with is Major League Baseball. Mexican muralist Día Pachecho was invited to create a mural in an alley in Guanajuato, with motifs that allude to the way the sport unites Mexico and the United States.

Likewise, they will hold an exhibition inside Benjamin Franklin's house, which will generate great interest around World Series Baseball: “It's interesting how Cervantino is a classic in the fall and a classic in October for Mexico, and the World Series is also an event.” A classic for the United States, so the idea of ​​combining the two events is something we will benefit from.

There will also be an LMB ceremony, also during the first game of the World Series that will take place on Friday, October 27. “In the same way we will have the 27th and 28th and there will be baseball clinics in José Aguilar y Maya.” Stadium in Guanajuato. As for Introduction to Baseball, this will be an interactive activity for the whole family, which will consist of activities to learn to bat, throw the bases, and run the bases.

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He stated that it was a good opportunity to make this intersection between culture and sports: “We cannot imagine the culture of the United States without sports as an integral part of it.”


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