Mexico and the United States form a new immigration working group (+photos)

The meeting was short, less than two hours, but huge, in which more than twenty secretaries participated with President López Obrador, led by the head of foreign relations, Alicia Bárcena, and the citizen security official, Rosa Aisela Rodríguez.

    Mexico and the United States of America create a new working group on migration

Present in the United States were Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Security Alejandro Mayorkas.

No immediate statement or joint statement was issued, but it was announced that there would be a statement. The new care team plans to meet at the end of January next year.

The host president welcomed representatives of President Joe Biden, which was recorded in a short video clip that showed the large group, and from that moment the doors of the room were closed to enter into the details of the meeting classified as private.

After a little more than an hour and a half, Counselor Bárcena met with journalists to provide them, also within a few minutes, with general information about the event, which she described as excellent. The most notable thing she revealed was that it was agreed to conduct periodic assessments of the migration situation in the region.

He pointed out that there was talk about the need to address structural causes, maintain the economic relationship, and open border crossings, but without giving further details.

In response to reporters' questions, the Chancellor summarized the meeting in which Mexico reaffirmed its interest in continuing to work together.

What we will do is form a joint working group to meet periodically, and we will work together with Guatemala, with the countries of South America and Central America, and this is what has already been talked about and how we will support each other. Locate.

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He also said that they discussed the importance of the economic relationship between the two countries and the reopening of border crossings, which is a priority for Mexico.

Although there are not many questions or answers, Bárcena promised that journalists will see in the joint statement the agreements reached.

    Mexico and the United States of America create a new working group on migration    Mexico and the United States of America create a new working group on migration

Also participating for Mexico were, among others, the Ministers of Defense and Navy, Luis Crescencio Sandoval and Admiral Rafael Ojeda, and the Minister of the Interior, Luisa María Alcalde.

For the United States, Presidential National Security Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood Randall and Katie Tobin, Special Presidential Advisor and Director for Cross-Border Security at the White House National Security Council, among other officials.

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