This book will help you achieve success and happiness

The search for happiness is one of the most common goals in life

In any area of ​​our lives (Professional or personal). However, there are many factors that can get in your way, causing an impact on motivation and optimism.

That's why we need the right tools to do this

Don't fall into negative thoughtsNor in common phrases like “Everything is going wrong for me” or “Why me.” You can change things, or at least see them from another perspective.

If you don't know how to do this step, or what tips you should apply in your daily life to get started

The path to the life of your dreamsThere are some books you can include on your shelf that will help you in this process, such as “The Life I Want,” which is already a bestseller.

“The Life I Want” is the book you should read in 2024

Written by Laura Ribas, acclaimed author, business strategist, and personal and professional development speaker. His latest book is The Life I Want, which has already been placed on the booklist

Top positions in sales In this type of literature.

It is a unique guide to discovering your goals, dreams and emotions and managing your actions based on this direction. It is a work that seeks to immerse the reader in himself

Self-knowledge and self-exploration. The philosophy of this book is that in order to achieve success and happiness, we must first know who we are.

The Life I Want Book (17.95 euros) /


The triumph of this book is that it allows the user to achieve self-awareness through it

Practical exercises and expert advicewhich allows you to follow strategies applicable to your life in any area, to achieve all those goals that you set for yourself (preferably realistic).

All this is supported by numerous testimonials from experienced people

Really noticeable changes in their livesThis is done by applying the advice contained in Laura Ribas's book. Some are like an improvement in personal satisfaction, greater clarity in your goals or a better defined life direction.

The book has

Comprehensive approach. What does this mean? Well, the equipment in question is not only emotional well-being, but also physical and spiritual well-being. This means taking a balanced approach in all aspects, offering advice that is applicable in other areas such as managing stress at work or the need to maintain a positive mindset.

“We have to make sure that fear does not rule our decisions,” he recently said in an interview. Get to know yourself, find what you're passionate about, and what you really want

To do in life to achieve happinessAnd throw yourself fully into it. “If we always assume the worst in the face of uncertainty, it ultimately causes us to become inactive and dwell on the bad things we know instead of the good things we should know.”

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