Resignations are prominent in the United Kingdom without setting a date for the elections

Sunak loses influence within the Conservative Party (Conservatives), when an important minister announces his retirement from the executive branch, while an MP from that party has joined the ranks of the British Reform Party led by Eurosceptic Nigel Farage, the Independent newspaper reported.

In addition, a JL Partners poll revealed that 20% of respondents consider Sunak a “rich, weak and useless idiot” in the ministerial team.

A strong blow to the Prime Minister was the fact that in choosing favorite political figures he was lower than controversial former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the Iron Lady, who died 11 years ago, and Farage.

Added to this is the intention to resign announced by the UK Armed Forces Minister, James Hebbey, who also plans to leave his position as a Member of Parliament, just as 61 other Conservatives have done, who have decided to abandon politics. Rotary comments.

The newspaper points out that the general elections should have been held next May, although British law is not strict in this sense either, but postponing them has raised doubts here about whether the Prime Minister will therefore seek to avoid bad results for the Conservatives.

Sunak took over the reins of government in October 2022, after the resignation of Elizabeth Truss, who had ruled for only two months and served as Boris Johnson's position, all from the Conservative Party that won the December 2019 election.


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