‘Thinking about summer is risky’

Researcher at the University of Leicester and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Salvador MakeupThought so towards End of year We’ll get one back Certain normal In Spain we must forget Easter as there may be a fourth wave in May.

The expert criticized “the danger now is the Holy Week operation, which could be similar to the” Let’s save summer and let us save Christmas “operation.

For Macip, This is not the time to relax measurementsSince despite the curvature of the third wave, the data is still very high: The ideal is to have less than 100 GPA., Giving the example of Germany and the United Kingdom, which maintain extremely restrictive measures.

“We are still in a very fragile position, with these variables that we still do not know the extent of their impact The likelihood of the fourth wave, according to some models, in May“, He insisted.

With regard to vaccination, McCabe noted that it is necessary first for the entire planet to be vaccinated:There is a risk of emergence of a variant that escapes vaccines We have to start over. “

Until that happens, he says, normality will not return in Spain. He made a date for this comeback: Christmas. “Thinking about summer plans is risky. We are vaccinating but the pace is slow. We don’t have a totally normal summer, Perhaps at the end of the year We can lead a more normal life. “

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