The head of the United Nations nuclear agency proposes to visit Iran ahead of schedule

On Tuesday, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency suggested visiting Iran to find a solution before the expiration of an important deadline imposed by Tehran to impose a response from the great powers, with which it signed an agreement in 2015.

The head of the agency, Rafael Grossi, said that Iran had informed the agency that, as of February 23, Tehran had planned to “stop implementing voluntary transparency measures” and that it was part of the international agreement.

“Director General Grossi has offered to travel to Iran to find a mutually beneficial solution so that the agency can continue its primary verification work,” the Vienna-based agency said.

The historic 2015 agreement hangs by a thread, after the United States unilaterally abandoned it under the presidency of Donald Trump and Tehran began violating its provisions.

Under the agreement, inspectors would in principle have limited access to Iran’s non-nuclear facilities if they suspect illegal activity.

But according to a law passed by the Iranian parliament in December, Tehran will stop cooperating with these inspections from February 23, unless the United States begins to lift its sanctions.

The new Democratic President, Joe Biden, has said that the United States intends to return to the agreement, but only when Iran shows once again that it is fully committed.


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