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Since launch Nintendo Switch The March 3, 2017 The interface design or customization options have not changed, although one of the few things we can change is the visibility of the Battery percentage.

The hybrid controller allows us to choose as per our wish if we want the battery percentage to be visible or, on the other hand, we just want the icon to appear without any kind of numbers accompanying it. This is something all users probably have Nintendo Switch You know, although there is a property associated with this and ZL and ZR buttons Several users discovered it just thanks Reddit.

It turns out that the user Antglyforreal He posted a post on the social network (with over 8000 votes in favor) showing us that when pressing the ZL and ZR buttons when the option is activated, Invisible battery percentage On the front, this number appears briefly on the icon as you can see in the following picture:

Til if you mash the ZL and ZR buttons, you can see the Switch’s battery percentage. very nice! From Nintendo Switch

What is your opinion? Did you know this strange property? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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