They urge changes to ensure energy security in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, December 7 (Prensa Latina) The Director of the Dominican company Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (Edeeste), Manuel Mejía, today raised the need for the country to promote changes in patterns of energy generation and consumption towards greater sustainability and flexibility.

Only in this way will energy security be achieved that maintains and promotes economic growth and social development, Mejia emphasized.

During his speech at the “Energy Security in Electricity Distributors” workshop sponsored by the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the engineer explained that meeting the current and future demand for electricity requires high levels of economic investment.

In this regard, he praised the government’s willingness to consider investing in this sector within the 2024 national budget.

According to the official, for the Dominican Republic, ensuring energy security must focus on diversifying the energy matrix, enhancing efficiency and self-sufficiency, and improving the flexibility of distribution systems.

He estimated that the country should increase the use of renewable sources and less polluting fuels, and reduce dependence on oil and coal.

He explained that diversification means using different sources, suppliers, and methods of energy transfer with the aim of simplifying dependence on one supplier or suppliers.

He pointed out that “a country that diversifies its energy isolates itself from energy outages and enhances its security.”

With regard to strengthening policies and strategies, he believed that investment in renewable energy generation sources should be supported, through the application of incentives and the design of public policies aimed at promoting its growth, which include regulatory aspects to enhance its storage.

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Regarding the resilience of distribution systems, he expressed that it would be a strategy designed to ensure stable and reliable supplies, as well as to design a contingency plan to deal with potential outages caused by extreme weather events and natural disasters.


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