The United States has the same plans against Venezuela

Washington-. An expert confirmed today that the United States is keeping former President Donald Trump’s plans to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro unchanged.

Marcos Salgado, an analyst associated with the Latin American Center for Strategic Analysis (CLAE,, confirmed that the White House is “improving its plan against Venezuela.”

He noted that in the short term, the upcoming November elections appear, and in the long term the question is whether Washington will resign at some point from the plan that, despite the change of administrations in the White House, remains the same.

The expert noted recent agreements between the governments of the United States and Canada, along with the European Union, to formalize their new strategy against the authorities of Caracas.

Salgado specified that in the new maneuver, included in the joint declaration with the European Union and Canada, the goal of overthrowing is being replaced by an electoral tactic designed for a longer period.

He noted that the fact that no coup attempt or invasion was imminent progressed.

But he added that in the new strategy there is still no recognition of Venezuelan institutions, sanctions, confiscation of assets and freezing of funds, and the ownership of the oil company Citgo will remain the same.

He added that this makes it very difficult to move forward with negotiations between the government and the opposition, which currently have no general picture, timetable or specific goals, despite the announcement by the United States, Canada and the European Union. Opening up the possibility of sanctions relief.

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According to Salgado, the long-term question is whether the United States will abandon its plan to overthrow the Venezuelan government.


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