Sustainable development is attracting the attention of British investors

Recently, a delegation of British businessmen, accompanied by the UK Ambassador, Ramin Navai, held meetings with the President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, as well as with the President of Economy and Finance, Carlos Fernández Valvodinos.

It was reported from the Ministry of Economy that after the meeting with Fernandez, Ambassador Ramin Navai noted that the delegation consists of representatives of eight companies from various sectors, such as energy, infrastructure, construction, financial services and others.

He also said that the mission includes meetings with other authorities in the Executive Branch, Redex and with private sector actors.

In particular, Ambassador Ramin Navai, in a conversation with MarketData, explained that there is a particular interest from his country in generating investments that can have an economic impact in Paraguay, while also achieving sustainable development. In fact, he described sustainability as “the only possible way” to continue growth in the international economy.

“Business relations remain of high-level importance. I want to see more British investments in Paraguay in the field of sustainable development. For example, there is a British company investing in green hydrogen production, and this could change the energy matrix in Paraguay. Investments are important,” he said. Within the framework of the topic of sustainable growth.

In this context, he pointed out that the British company Atomi is already present in our country, and is preparing to generate green hydrogen from its factory in the town of Veleta. He also commented that there are other businessmen from his country who have an interest in our country, in specific sectors such as agricultural technology, taking into account the importance of the agricultural sector to the country.

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“There are many areas of interest, for example, agricultural technology, as agriculture is clearly a big part of Paraguay’s economy and there is a way to make it more sustainable,” he said. “There are technologies that we use in the UK, and livestock farmers can use (in Paraguay),” he said. To make their practices more sustainable.”

On the other hand, the British diplomat considered that the transition of government in our country was orderly after the general elections, and said that there is great enthusiasm to confront the issues that the country and the region suffer from.

It should be noted that, according to the latest report on foreign investments published by the Central Bank of Paraguay, the stock of direct investment to our country from the United Kingdom in 2021 amounted to 227 million US dollars, representing 3% of the stock of foreign investments. .in the country.

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