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LA PAZ, BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR.- With the aim that the state of Baja California Sur has sufficient human resources to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19 and influenza, among others, the 16th Legislature agreed to urge the state government, the Department of Public Education (SEP) and the University of Baja California Independent Sur (UABCS) in order to seek partnership plans with some public or private universities in the country that have recognized a prestigious position in the field of medicine, so that they are implemented in the entity.

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When using the platform, Rep. Ismael Rodríguez Peña, point of agreement, stated that the Federal Ministry of Health reported that in the BCS there was a shortage of certified medical specialists and certified general practitioners until 2022; In accordance with the international recommendation of 230 doctors for every 100,000 people, as of the date of the census there were 61 doctors in both branches, which represents a deficit of 169 professionals, which led to strengthening and creating conditions to attract more young people. Southern California residents have access to medical studies.

The legislator reported that according to the Minister of Health, when the administration arrived, he found a deficit of 200,000 doctors, estimating that 123,000 general doctors and 72 specialists were needed to comply with international standards.

Rodriguez Peña noted that the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has stripped the health system in the country and in the state, “as care capacity has been exceeded due to insufficient infrastructure and a shortage of health workers.”

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Finally, he said that although there are universities and high schools in Baja California Sur that allow the study of the nursing profession, the entity lacks a school that facilitates the youth of Southern California to study the medical profession, which causes fathers and children to suffer and mothers of families to bear greater expenses when they find themselves in There is a need to transfer their sons and daughters to private schools in other regions.

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In her supportive intervention, Representative Ida Maria Palacios Márquez supported the initiator’s request, as it is an old request from parents at BCS, in addition to that this would open the possibility for students who interrupted their studies due to economic obstacles, as the profession is only available in other states of the Republic. or outside the country; To push, he referred to the request previously submitted to the plenary session of the Sixteenth Legislature, in which it was requested that the medical degree be taught at the UABCS Campus Cabo San Lucas, being the city with the largest population and demand, “regardless of place of residence” and concluded by saying: “It is important and necessary that you already have a medical certificate in the region.”

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