Veterinarian Manuel Garcia enters the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid

He is part of the National Veterinary Corps and will become a Corresponding Academician after receiving one of the awards announced by the Academy.

Veterinarian Manuel Garcia.

On December 19, at its Ordinary General Assembly, the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid announced its awards and veterinarian Manuel García received one of them. Specifically, he won the award sponsored by the illustrious Official College of Veterinarians of Valladolid on One health With a work entitled “Human influenza and avian influenza: a study from a single health perspective.” According to the rules, the winners will enter the above-mentioned academy as Correspondent Academics, after the scheduled takeover process.

Founded in 1731, the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Valladolid is one of the oldest medical academies in Spain. Many veterinarians were part of it, as did Santos Ovejero and Miguel Cordero del Campillo (full academicians) at that time, and Professor Francisco Rojo Vazquez currently does so as full academician and as corresponding academicians the President of the OCV, Luis Alberto Calvo. And President of the College of Veterinarians of Valladolid, Rufino Alamo.

Manuel García graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León in 2009 and was awarded the title of Doctor “with distinction” in 2015. In addition, he obtained a diploma in Public Health. He worked as a clinical veterinarian specializing in surgery until 2019, when he joined the National Veterinary Authority. Since then, he has held various positions related to external health, first in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and then in Gijón, Asturias, where he is currently stationed. Throughout his career he participated in numerous research projects and published numerous scientific and popular articles. In addition, he is Treasurer of the National Association of Veterinary Society and current Secretary General of the Spanish Society of Veterinary History.

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The award ceremony will be held at the Royal Academy, during the opening ceremony of the 2024 academic year. He will then assume his position as a corresponding academic and deliver a speech about his work throughout the aforementioned year.

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