The UK elections add further uncertainty to Gibraltar’s future

When British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced last Wednesday that elections would be called for July 4, alarm bells rang again in the Campo de Gibraltar. A region that has been patiently experiencing the ups and downs of international politics while problems that hinder its development such as unemployment or lack of investment still persist. Agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom on this It will determine the colony’s ultimate suitability after Brexit I was close. This was stated by the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albarez, who met with the mayors of the region and the military junta to report on the progress of the negotiations. But early elections only add doubt to an agreement that appears set to be concluded soon.

This was stated by the Mayor of La Linea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, a municipality that may be eagerly awaiting the agreement given its economic dependence on the rock. In his opinion, the elections “add an additional element of uncertainty,” although he recalled that there are elections for the European Parliament on June 9, and “the fear of not reaching an agreement before this date persists.” In this sense, he confirmed the People’s Party’s statements about the potential agreement and its position “They are causing some disturbances.”Although “we can also understand that we are in an election campaign that will start soon and that everything will not be as dramatic as originally planned.”

The mayor noted that everything related to a possible agreement “is a matter of great importance” to them, “because the 11,000 residents of the municipality are directly committed to a future that is, I don’t want to say uncertain, but it sheds light on doubts, because it is no longer the subject of your life.” Not only daily, but also the future regarding your pensions, as well as companies that are almost On average, 30% of its turnover depends on Gibraltar customersAnd other fundamental issues, such as the future of fishermen or the hypothetical dismantling of customs facilities.

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For the mayor, the announcement of the British elections “was somewhat expected in light of the outcome of the municipal elections in the United Kingdom, but it introduces a new element that really causes us some concern.”

The Andalusian Military Council, for its part, maintained a hostile stance on this issue. He called for participation in the negotiations, in addition to demanding greater clarity on the issues discussed, some of which are subject to regional jurisdiction. However, after learning of the electoral call, the Andalusian government lowered its tone. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Juanma Moreno, He expressed his confidence that the negotiations “will proceed” and that they will end with a “good agreement.” As for the Campo Gibraltar region, he stressed that he does not know how the announcement of early elections will affect him because “from what the opinion polls say,” it is possible that there will be a change in government in the British Parliament. Moreno explained that he did not want to “interfere in matters that do not concern us” because he is not British or voting in these elections, but added that “as a Spaniard and an Andalusian”, what he wants is for “the country.” Problems derived from the anomaly that must be solved.” It is produced in the Gibraltar field with the colony.

“Often to reach a good agreement, there is a need for calm,” said the Andalusian president, who expressed one of his concerns, “beyond our inalienable sovereignty as Spaniards,” the difference in income between the inhabitants of the municipalities of La Linea de La Concepción and Gibraltar, The income difference between them is, as he put it, “nine to one.”

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“I believe that we must coordinate the territories financially, we must also make an exceptional investment in infrastructure and we must look for formulas so that the wealth generated by La Roca, as a result of its tax haven status, is transferred. To the rest of Campo Gibraltar. This is my concern, “That there is more income potential and a redistribution of that economic potential that we might have.”, Lawsuit. Therefore, he expressed his hope that “we will have enough calm to conduct negotiations that are beneficial to Spain and the Gibraltar region.”

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