They salute the unprecedented appointment of the Minister of Peasants of Peru

LIMA, July 31 (Prensa Latina) The National Agricultural Confederation of Peru today welcomed the appointment of Victor Maeta, as the first peasant minister of agricultural development and irrigation, by the new president, Pedro Castillo.

Until this appointment, Maitta was head of the CNA, a producer of the so-called family farming sector, which the head of state proposed to strengthen, after a long period of privileged treatment of export-agribusiness.

It also has the task of setting the guidelines for the so-called Second Agrarian Reform, which consists of support for family farming and cooperative methods.

“If we are here, it is thanks to the historically forgotten rural people, but today we are really starting to work to serve them,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

Maita, who didn’t swear by suit like most ministers but wore peasant style in his home region, Cusco, South America, said the COVID-19 pandemic has reassessed peasants.

He referred to the fact that it was the men of the fields who kept the population supplied with food during the long period of confinement imposed against the epidemic.

After this experience, “We have the challenge of putting agriculture as a national priority on the agenda. We hope to comply,” the new minister said.

Maeta confirmed that the CNA, the Peasant Confederation of Peru (CCP) and the National Agricultural Congress (Conveagro), which includes peasant organizations and producers’ unions, will be present in his administration.

The new minister, who graduated in law and political science, said the Rondas Campesinas, Citizens’ Security Organizations, which the new minister is also incorporating and which President Castillo intends to expand to include cities.

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Only 28 years old, the incumbent has “the support of the peasantry and indigenous communities”. Left-wing parliamentarian from Cusco Ruth Loki said his work and commitment to defending agriculture is unquestionable.

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