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Arriaga: The Director of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Campus IX, Hilda García Castillo, presented to the authorities and the university community the second report on the general activities of her administration.
He stressed in his message that certificates in accounting and management, accredited by the Inter-Institutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES), are valid as of December 21, 2026.
García Castillo said that in the current semester, January-June 2024, the number of students enrolled in the school is 200, of whom 57.50 percent are female and 42.50 percent are men; In addition, three students identified themselves as speakers of indigenous languages, 42 students were visually impaired, and one student with a mobility disability was being assisted.
Addressing the Mayor of Arriaga, Yolanda Alonso de los Santos, she reported that in the last semester from August to December, of the total enrollment, 67.93 percent of the students trained benefited from the “Youth Write the Future” scholarship. This academic unit.
In the same context, he stated that students from the neighboring state of Oaxaca, who travel from Arriaga to the city of Jequipillas, are supported by a transportation grant from Rapidos del Sur with a 50 percent discount on transit.
Likewise, he expressed his gratitude to the Mayor of Chahuetes, Oaxaca, Joaquín Martínez López and the Mayor of Xanatpec, Oaxaca, Tania Isabel Escobar Rivera and Cabildos, for the financial support for students from these municipalities, and the sponsorship used in order to register for the next semester.
Regarding mobility and academic exchange, he commented that during the period from August to December 2023, one student moved at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City, and two other students participated in the international mobility program at the Pedagogical Technological University of Colombia (UPTC) in Boyaca, Colombia.
He announced that in June 2023, through the invitation of the Pacific Scientific and Technological Research Summer Program “Delfín,” two Bachelor of Accounting students completed their residency at the Technological University of Valle de Toluca in the state of Mexico.
After witnessing this exercise of accountability, accompanied by the current President of the Board of Directors, Daisy Escobar Castillejos, Rector Carlos Faustino Natarin Nandayappa expressed that the work presented in this report demonstrates the importance of making efforts that impact the vocational training of citizens who support the development of the state and the nation.
This event was attended by the Permanent Secretary of the Board of Directors, Ligia Margarita Domínguez Castañón and Member Francisco Guevara Hernández, directors and directors of the various academic units, as well as teachers and students of this campus.

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Hilda García Castillo presented to the authorities and the university community the second report on the general activities of her administration.
Photo: UNACH

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