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WhatsApp Messenger It has just added a total of four new text formats to its instant communication platform after launching its latest update, and we're referring to the following styles: Bulleted List, Numbered, Block Quote, and Embedded Code. These styles will be accompanied by Bold, Strikethrough, and “Italic,” and “monospace.” You should not confuse styles with font, because WhatsApp currently only has the “FixedSys” font, however, today I will teach you how to use other fonts and you will also learn how to change the color to red shade.. It is necessary to clarify that you must first download a third-party application.

Final steps to enable red texts in WhatsApp

  • First, download the application.Stylish Text – Fonts KeyboardAvailable at Android andFrom iOS.
  • Now, open the app and accept its terms and conditions.
  • Also grant it the necessary permissions so that it can work without problems.
  • You will see all the font styles that the application offers you and a bar that says “write here“.
  • Go ahead and write your text Change color to red.
  • Then choose the font you prefer and tap on the WhatsApp icon (right side).
  • The Meta platform will open > choose the contact you want to send that message to.
  • Finally, share it and surprise your friends or family.

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