An exhausted Queen Camilla leaves the UK and goes on holiday after filling in for Charles III during his illness

exhausted. This is how Queen Camilla will find herself after she becomes head of the British royal family after her husband, King Charles III, retires from public life at the beginning of last February after being diagnosed with cancer, which Buckingham Palace did not know about. Details – Treatment against the disease began. The Queen's delicate health situation is in addition to the medical leave of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, who, after undergoing abdominal surgery in mid-January and being hospitalized for 15 days, is recovering at home and will not appear again. Until after Easter. Although the British royal family made it clear that she did not undergo surgery for cancer, the secrecy about what happened to her remains at its maximum, and Prince William has greatly reduced his official obligations to remain by his wife's side at this very complicated time. She hasn't stopped appearing in recent weeks. Two blows to the House of Windsor have directly affected Queen Camilla, who has taken charge of the crown, and after starring in 13 public events – including a memorial service for Constantine the Greek last Tuesday in St George's Chapel at Windsor Palace – she is. Tired because she decided to take a vacation away from the UK. This was published by the Daily Mail which reveals that it was Charles III himself who would have invited her to take a break to regain her strength. “He will see that she is exhausted. Camilla was very concerned about her husband's health, but she was also the one who had to adapt to a busy schedule of royal obligations, as well as her desire to be there for him and for Kate.” “, the newspaper confirmed. In the absence of official confirmation, Queen Camilla will take a special flight abroad on Monday, March 4, and will not return to London until a week later, on March 11, when she chairs Commonwealth Day events in Westminster Abbey. .. a date that is expected to take place. He chairs it with Prince William. During this absence, it will be the heir to the throne, as well as Charles III's siblings – Princess Anne and Duke of Edinburgh, Edward – who will carry the weight of the “royal” agenda while Camilla rests during a necessary vacation from which we do not know any further details at the moment.

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