They liquidated Pokémon and now they have to pay $150,000

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It’s been nearly two years since the trial of those responsible for leaking characters and game details began Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now these people will have to pay $150,000lawyer’s charge.

The Pokémon Company, the company behind exiTosa epic from video gameseries, movies, and more, an investigation to discover who was responsible for filtering the images of the latest game Pokemon In 2019, months before the title was released. The particular specialist found the culprits by following the leads on the Reddit, Discord, and 4chan forums.

Now, the defendants have reached an agreement with the Pokémon Company to pay $150,000, in addition to legal expenses that could significantly increase the amount. This is an agreement between the parties, not what they would have had to pay if they went to court and were found guilty. This, in theory, could have been more than money.

Those responsible for the leak took photos of an official guide of Pokemon Sword and Shield And they shared it on forums and social networks, including information that was not yet publicly available. One of the officials was an employee of the company responsible for printing the official game manual.[via[vía[عبر[víaKotaku]

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