Achieve desired wellness with Schultz Autogenic training

Do you have any idea when was the last time you were really relaxed or relaxed, and thought of nothing but those things that give you pleasure? Well, that little spare time, or the inability to break out of the routine, is one of the recurring ills. Met an exercise Autogenous Schultz.

Emphasizing that the many commitments we make lead to and lifestyle does not allow us to stop to appreciate what is really important, causes many people to, from Different origins and ages, I wonder about effective techniques in this regard.

It is precisely in this sense that one of the fastest growing trends in recent years is autogenic training developed by Berlin psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schulz, a training aimed at achieving this. relax the brain And the body we yearn for.

Schultz Autogenic Training – What is it?

As we have said, Schultz’s training in aogenesis is aimed at the complete transformation of the individual, starting with the adoption of a series of physiological exercises. Six, to be more precise.

As its name suggests, this is a training developed from Human possibilities, and this psychiatrist laid down some basic rules, in his opinion, to bring about changes in psychology.

Ultimately, Schultz’s goal is to be both We are able to influence, by training the mind, in the behavior of the rest of the organism.

Schultz exercises for self-motivation training

  • weight training
  • heat exercise
  • pulsating exercise
  • breathing exercise
  • Abdominal regulation
  • head exercise

Considerations before incorporating this practice

In order for Schultz’s self-motivation training to truly achieve the expected results, a comfortable place must be found, Quiet, with the right temperature and lightWhere no one interrupts you.

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It is even advisable before starting this training that you educate yourself in dialogue with yourself. Tell you that you are calm, that you feel comfortable in that place, etc.

On the other hand, although the possibility tempts you, you should not affect the order of the exercises.

How long does it take to learn Schultz self-motivation coaching?

This is the question everyone is asking, and while the answer will depend on various factors, around three minutes per day, with two or three sessions per day, takes up to two weeks to learn.

Of course, you have to be absolute steady and systematicOh, otherwise you will lose the progress you have made so far. If you do, you will be an expert in about six months.

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